Some interesting reading from the media of the last few years

16 Nov 2010

Whilst doing a quick search online Justin Othersurfer came across a few great pieces on the issue, if you have a moment follow the links for the full stories;

‘Shark Chumming’ - Carte Blanche Investigative TV show

In the midst of the great increase in attacks in the Cape Town area, presenter Derek Watts interviews a recent attack victim, JP Smith, as well as Rob Lawrence, a shark cage dive operator. click here for the full story>>

‘Arsonists attack city shark boat’ – Cape Times newspaper article

Within 24 hours of the the above Carte Blanche programme airing, a Cape Town Shark Dive Boat is torched. click here for the full story>>

‘One Hour Swim Around the Seal Colony Challenge to the Scientists who support cage-diving ‘

The above is a challenge set out for pro-chum scientists. A very infomative debate ensues between SealAlert SA, and a pompous intellectual who was part of the team who penned the most recognised paper about the non-existent effects of chumming affecting Great White’s behaviour.
click here for the full story>>

‘Cashing in on sharks, unnaturally’ – Cyber Divers News Network

Very interesting info regarding Shark Chumming and attacks in the USA. Great quote, “I knew the late Peter Benchley, author of Jaws. To his dying day he advocated shark preservation and regretted the misnomers about sharks created in his book and the film production that popularized it. “Sharks have an important role to play in nature,” Benchley told me. “It is unnatural to feed them. Worse to kill them because we are afraid of them and must kill what we fear.” click here for the full story>> and here for a fascinating resource of articles on the issue

One thought on “Some interesting reading from the media of the last few years

  1. Thanks for takling this up. As a Chinese Malaysian now residing in Canada, let me say that shark fin soup is not part of my culture and certainly something that I will not pass on to my two girls as part of their heritage Senator Yee should have done his homework before making loud noises and turning this into a race issue. I’ll bet anything that the 99% of us Chinese that can’t afford this dish, do not consider it a part of our culture. We do consider it an obnoxious status symbol for those with too much money looking to flaunt their wealth.As for his naive proposals up to this point, which included allowing non endangered species to continue in the trade and farming as you mention above, its obvious that his staff has not informed him that we are takling about big fish that swim in open oceans, not catfish or tilapia. Anyone with a bit of knowledge on the trade would also have known that the fins are taken off sharks period without regard for its status.With the harvests spanning from China to Africa, its absurd to even suggest that we can control what species are traded and which ones are banned.The only way to protect the species as a whole, is to ban the trade completely

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