SASCD receives support from Anti-Chum operator Down Under

2 August 2011

Surfers For Responsible Shark Cage Diving – we’re on the same wave!

August 2nd, 2011 by Captain Adventure Bay Charters

“The only way for the local Shark Cage Dive operators to get a shark close enough to see underwater is with chum.No chum, no shark?But wait a minute!Chum- free Eco friendly Great White Shark Cage Diving is happening in Australia,using audio sound vibrationsto attract the world’s largest predatory fish, with ACDC being the Great Whites favourite music!! The benefits of using the sound vibration is that it is omnidirectional and instantaneous and completely eco friendly.”

Adventure Bay Charters (ABC) recently came across Anti Shark Cage Diving Website, Surfers For Responsible Shark Cage Diving (SASCD), a “wavelength of concerned oceanic awareness in response to the impact of the feeding/ baiting of Great White Sharks (carcharodon carcharias)… and the correlating drastic increase in shark attacks on humans that is taking place”.

You probably think this is a pretty strange group for us to want to become mates with since after all, shark cage diving is what we do!

SASCD was founded in order to a) protect the surfers and b) protect the Great White Sharks. SASCD’s aim is to represent the surfer / spearfishermen’s perspective of the possible impact of ‘chumming’ the water daily to attract Great White Sharks, to encourage people to have another look at how the Shark Cage Dive industry operates, and to put forward a sustainable solution to the issue. This is where we come in. Unlike other companies that are berlying/ baiting the sharks to the boat we are taking a more eco friendly approach. The fact that more than a dozen boats – worldwide are daily doing shark cage dives, throwing chum and other goodies into the water to attract the big Great White sharks. ABC has created the only berley free and advanced eco certified shark cage diving experience in Australia, attracting sharks with the use of sounds vibrations. Both ABC and SASCSD are passionate about educating people about the Great White Sharks and marine environment. SASCD believe (like most) that the Great White Sharks are attracted to people because they have been trained to come to boats by cage diving companies “feeding” the sharks… “It is really a common-sense issue, as it is quite obvious that repeated feeding of any animal by humans will reduce the animal’s fear of humans, whereby increasing the chance of attack.” what animal isn’t attracted to food?! What we believe is irrelevant in the scheme of things except to say that when we think there is no better way, progress stops. ABC is working on creating a more sustainable environment for the Great White Sharks by attracting the sharks with sound vibrations, rather that blood, berley and chum. In this process we are encouraging the Great Whites to behave in a way that they normally would in their natural environment. The sharks approach our cage out of curiosity after they sense the vibrations. Not one shark that has visited our boat has left in any way hurt, agitated and most importantly, aggressive. There are some other spin offs to this research, we may identify the best music not to play or even identify the best music to repel sharks, who knows, Justin Bieber may yet have a purpose!

In a town that has been labelled “the seafood capital of the world” and the primary fisheries support most working families and the community, work with us to support SASCSD to have our industry regulated and just enjoy the privilege of viewing them naturally as we would with any other great creature.

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One thought on “SASCD receives support from Anti-Chum operator Down Under

  1. To Sharky 22,Thanks for the msasege, I find it amusing that these shark huggers seem to feel that they can hurt me in some way with all their insults. These high-strung emotional tinkerbells have no idea of the pain and suffering that I had to deal with in my 40 year career as a commercial fisherman. If they read my memoir, Sharkman of Cortez, they would realize that they’re fighting a losing battle against ME. Because in the end, the truth will ultimately prevail. I have always cared more about HUMAN suffering (shark attacks) above the welfare of a predator whose brain, even in a 14 foot shark, is smaller than a golfball. I really find it hilarious that these extremists could believe that a planet that is 70 % oceans, all of which are inhabited by sharks, can really be depleted of the species when in fact, most of the deep oceans have not yet been explored by man. The most recent book, Demon Fish by Juliet Eilperin, makes a bold claim that 90% of the oceanic white tip are now gone. This species is found world-wide, in practically all oceans. This is typical of their rhetoric!It’s only a fish.Captain Bill

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