Public emotion coming though in comics


:: shapirosnaddon-chumming-apr-2012:: chip

and then this came in from Leslie in Namibia!


The news of the shark attack on David has now spilt over to Namibia. I attach clip from news paper.  I now suggest Namibians seek a different destination(other than Cape Town) for their annual beach holidays.  It seems the authorities can only understand money.  So
lets take our money elsewhere.

I have commissioned the artist in my family do  do a series of images displaying the ignorance and line of thought of the people at the top.  You may publish these as you wish as long as you get no financial gain from them.  We need to spread the word!
Stop Chumming!!!


One thought on “Public emotion coming though in comics

  1. Hi Justin,

    Thought you might want to check this out – it has some interesting stats in shark attacks/fatalities in South Africa. Your evidence ranges from 1991 but there was a huge surge of attacks prior to this.

    The site might help you find some trends.


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