Policy update in Ozzie Shark Cage Diving

- from Matt Waller, owner of Adventure Bay Charters, the company in Oz pioneering the alternatives of using sound versus chum to attract the Great Whites.


Just thought I would keep you up to date with the current licensing issues going on here in South Australia. The government has now released the new policy which has put us in the same category as “chumming and baiting” sharks and will therefore cut licenses from 4 to 2. They have however increased the access days to 260 which seems strange as this is more than current access and it was clear in the study that frequent access by shark operators had changed shark behaviour. In reality we will probably not receive a licence and therefore the only option will be aggressive shark cage diving with the use of berley! Seems very strange in a society which should be encouraging an eco friendly, low impact option!

Have a great day and love your work!




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