Increased activity – in the water and on the net

4 Dec 2010

Justin Othersurfa carving up the face(book)
“I am just a figment of your imagination. My soul concern in life is to have friends join my FB group – Surfers Against Shark Cage Diving…”
This simple status update has been receiving great attention online this week, with many noted SA and international surfers joining the call. A big-up to everybody raising their hand, from Joe Surfer to Pro Surfer, shapers to surf clubs, major surf brands to startup companies, it is great to see people starting get involved. If you own a business that’s brave enough to raise your concern, send us your logo and url and we’ll add it to the Supporters section. But don’t stop there, this groundswell is still growing, and needs to become a tidal wave (of 50,000 sliders) before it breaks on the reefs of Mossel Bay and Gansbaai!

If you havent already joined the group, do it here

Tell your friends, suggest the group and/or Justin Othersurfa
and lets get this thought-wave reverberating around the world!

Surfers Against Shark Cage Diving
‘igh grade T-Shirts are available for COST PRICE thanks to Country Feeling, and now come with a free sticker to be stuck appropriately! Send your size and postal address on Activism page.

SASCD goes down under!
A chance meeting over a game of scrabble with a reknowned Ozzie legend who has a preference for finless forays of the aquatic kind has pledged his support to SASCD! We are super stoked to add his respected fire to our blaze, and hope to start getting some coverage in Oz and possibly the USA too. Rightly so, as stated in Cold Fact 3 Great Whites are a migratory species, often traversing between SA and West Oz, possibly even on to Nor Cal, so any change in their behaviour should be of concern to wave sliders of all three countries (who also make up the majority of the global wave slider fraternity on this big blue ball of ocean!)

High White Shark Activity in False Bay
The City of Cape Town and the Shark Spotting Programme would like to make water users aware of the current high white shark activity in the inshore area of False Bay, particularly in the Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Clovelly area. Yesterday, the 29 November, Shark Spotters recorded 5 sightings at Fish Hoek and 6 at Muizenberg, and this morning there has already been 2 sightings at Fish Hoek. For recent sightings at a Shark Spotter beach please visit The spotters are also recording more than one shark at any given time at both beaches and the sharks are very active and seem to be feeding. Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) have been seen schooling in the area and it is likely that the white sharks are following and targeting the yellowtail, one of their known preferred prey species. The City and Shark Spotters are appealing to all water users to be extra vigilant at this time, to familiarize themselves with the recent shark activity in the area before entering the water, obey the shark siren, and to take note of the Shark Spotters` flags and signage for regular updates on shark sightings. People are reminded that this behaviour is normal shark behaviour for the summer period.

One thought on “Increased activity – in the water and on the net

  1. aniyhtng at all towards rational management of dwindling resources? In comparing myself with many uninformed but nevertheless highly-emotional protestors, I find it amusing that you should resort to such labelling. Ad hominem attacks are as unproductive as they are a sign of a failed argument.Howsoever, there is indeed ample evidence of overfishing of sharks (as there is of tuna and many species of fish generally), but you explicitly refuse to debate aniyhtng. This is an unconvincing attitude to take, no matter what subject or side one is one. Unlike you, I am open to my mind being changed by evidence, and I have changed my views on various things as circumstances and data available have altered. You appear to be saying that no matter what, you will stick to your (to my mind) untenable position, that you alone have the knowledge and the insight to make pronouncements, that nobody else can possibly have aniyhtng to contribute, meanwhile basking in the sycophantic applause of the anti-scientific and anti-rational. You, I suspect, are the greater danger to the public because you provide encouragement to continue as we are to be wasteful and exploitative, taking only a short-term view: stuff the future. Please, show me the evidence in support of your claims.By the way, humans do not inhabit the oceans. We venture into those regions at our own risk, and have no right to complain when very occasionally we fall prey to its more interesting species. You would be closer to the mark discussing bears, wolves and mountain lions, but still out of order in believing that they should be killed on sight in case a child should die. Essentially, on your almost biblical-fundamentalist line, nothing that causes us harm in any way should be allowed to survive. Where do you draw the line? Snakes, spiders, wasps, bees, buffalo, sea urchins, alligators? Some respect is in order, and a realistic recognition of danger . Which causes me more concern, a lunatic with a rifle or a grizzly? And you say You?re dangerous! . As I said, extraordinary.

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