Another shark fatality in Port St Johns, now most dangerous beach

15 January 2012

Note: It is our personal opinion that the Port St John’s attacks are most likely not related to Great Whites or chumming, but wish to add the info as it is related content, and certainly cause for concern. – Justin Othersurfa

A 25-year-old man, Lungisani Msungubali, was killed by a shark at Port St Johns Second beach on Sunday, the Eastern Cape health department said. This comes a year to the day that young surfer, Zama, was killed at the same beach.

“This afternoon a swimmer from Port St Johns was attacked by a shark and struggled with it for about five minutes using his surf board,” said spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo.

“A surfer who was next to him during the ordeal described the swimmer as being brave by fighting it. Unfortunately it injured him severely in both arms and in the chest,” he said.

A second eyewitness raised the alarm for other swimmers to leave the water.

“A doctor who was amongst the swimmers tried to save his life along with paramedics who arrived at the beach. The man died on the way to a local health centre.”

“Second beach is notorious for shark attacks and I am told that there is no [shark] net there,” said Kupelo.


PORT St Johns’s notorious Second Beach now has the worst shark attack record in South Africa , according to the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board (KNSB).

“Over the past four years, Second Beach has had an increase in shark attacks, making it the worst in the country,” KNSB chairman Geremy Cliff said yesterday .

Cliff and board officials visited the area yesterday following the fatal shark attack on Lungisani Msungubali on Sunday.

The delegation of five met with Port St Johns mayor Mnyamezeli Mangqo, the municipality’s engineering manager Onke Sopela and municipal spokeswoman Nonceba Madikizela to give a report on shark attacks recorded so far.

The KNSB members also met with one of the lifeguards, Nqobile Jojo, who witnessed Sunday’s attack, which now forms part of the study being undertaken by the KNSB.

The board has been commissioned by the national Environmental Affairs Department to investigate the large shark community in Port St Johns to understand what sort of species and circumstances caused the attacks.

Cliff said in previous cases the attacks were confined to the summer months between January and March, which was the most problematic time of the year.

He said most of the previous attacks in Port St Johns were caused by Zambezi sharks, also known as bull sharks. It was suspected the same species attacked Msungubali.

Cliff said Zambezi sharks were attracted to the Port St Johns area because of the large Umzimvubu River , which they used as a breeding ground .

“Zambezi sharks like coastal waters. The females come down to drop their young ones here in Umzimvubu River; they live in rivers because that’s where they feed.”

He said that could be one of the reasons why there were lots of Zambezi sharks in the area and most attacks took place in summer because they liked the warm water.

Although the board had for years been toying with an idea of installing shark nets to halt further attacks, yesterday it became clear this was out of the question for Second Beach.

KNSB chief scientist Sheldon Dudley said nets had a negative impact on the environment and were therefore not suitable for Port St Johns.

He said they were reducing the nets in KwaZulu-Natal.

At this stage Dudley said they could not say what the best solution for the problem would be, but people needed to take precautions.

“Risks of attacks are high when the water is dirty because the sharks cannot see anything but can sense through smell and movements.”

Dudley said it would take the team two weeks to confirm what sort of shark attacked Msungubali .

Mayor Mnyamezeli Mangqo said Second Beach was closed to the public and would be opened after KNSB completed their study.

4 thoughts on “Another shark fatality in Port St Johns, now most dangerous beach

    • I am a South African journalist writing about the port st johns shark attacks and would like to know more about the allegation the sharks board was chumming the area around the time the guy was killed?

    • How do you know that’s Shark Diving International it could be aynnoe with a cage in that video. You just want to make Lawrence look bad and it will not work he’s a shark hero, he cares about sharks and would never let a shark get into a shark cage, ever!If you go to Shark Diving Internationals website they have a 100% safety record no cage breaches, no sharks harmed, ever.From the websiteWe are also very proud to say that after over 1000 days of diving operations we still maintain our 100%safety record.Cage designOur cages have set the industry standard for excellence.Our design and application is the envy of all other operators.Top Equipment ? When it comes to diving with white sharks, cage design is obviously not an area where you want to cut corners, so to speak. Ours spacious cages are state of the art, designed by us and manufactured to our exact specifications, sparing no expense. We oversee every aspect of their construction from start to finish. A cage will not go into the water until it passes with our seal of approval. With our wealth of experience behind us, we know what designs work and more importantly, what doesn?t work. We understand the needs of our divers so each cage is designed for maximum ease of entry and exit. For our photographers and videographers, extensive effort has produced an optimum design for acquiring those Pulitzer Prize winning images while maintaining safety, structural integrity, and protective capabilities. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we are flattered more and more with each passing season as we notice cages remarkably similar to our unique designs on other boats. It?s not just our cages that must pass our stringent standards. All of our equipment, from our regulators which are disassembled, cleaned and tuned every season to our high pressure hoses, cables, and fasteners, etc. are thoroughly inspected throughout the yearStop trying to make the good guys look bad with your lies, they protect sharks and you do not!

  1. Dear Bill,Really enyojed reading your writings- I think you are an intelligent and sensible person who obviously has a lot of first-hand experience with sharks (as opposed to the shark enthusiasts/extremists, who, although I am sure they mean well, probably have not had even close to the amount of experience that you have). And I completely agree with what you say about the lack of sympathy given to victims of shark attacks it saddens me deeply that this new fad of save the world, look how cool and socially conscious I am takes precedence over basic humanity and not so popular lost life of a fellow human being . Bottom line, as you say, sharks are predators who know what they are doing. I respect that sharks are just animals who are trying to survive, but, to share a somewhat drastic but relevant comparison: murderers are also just humans who are trying to survive, doing what they are *compelled* to do, but that does NOT mean that we should not get them off the street one way or another. It is not a justification to say: Well, a murderer doesn’t kill everybody he meets, just two or three people, maybe even just one or two unlucky ones, so he should have the right to roam free .the point is that we KNOW he has the primal urge and immense potential/ability to kill, and this should be enough cause for us to take action and fight for our right to a safe society, just as it is enough for us to fight for a safe ocean! And regarding what you say about the eco-sharks , I also believe there is truth to this I have traveled around the worked working in several different non-profits for years, and it is so evident that the exploitation and manipulation of peoples’ humanity is a sad but common practice in matters such as these. I am liberal, I recycle, I use natural products and am against animal resting for cosmetic purposes I am by no means ignorant or unsympathetic to the environment/world affairs/human rights, ect. But this shark thing is just going to far, and I am so glad that you are exposing it for what it really is. Sorry about the rant, and thanks again for your writing !

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